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It covers the important points from the whole BHMS syllabus

Definitely, the main aim of the book itself is quick study of BHMS syllabus in an Multiple choice question examination point of view.

Its never recommended. Studying from textbooks is the best method to crack any examination. But it would be so time consuming. IBASIC helps in going through the important topics in textbooks in a short time, in an easy and comprehensive manner.

No IBASIC is designed in a way that the topics are described in a short and understandable way, with important points highlighted for special attention.

IBASIC contain a lot of tables which are taken from standard textbooks. Also IBASIC has made available many new tables which students had to make on their own if studying other books.

Yes. That’s why the new edition. There is high jump in the content with updating of latest information and addition of new topics.

5th edition of IBASIC is still a very good one in the field. It has helped a lot of doctors to succeed in their examinations and practice. But to meet the changes in patters of exams and to include latest information, missed topics etc and to correct some errors intruded, the new edition is released.

The older editions will definitely help you. But in competitive examinations even a single question can make a large difference in your ranks. So if you are seriously preparing for a competitive examination it would be best to have the latest and best tool. Having more books in addition to IBASIC will be good too.

It wont take much time to go through the books as it is presented in an easily comprehensible way. Even if you are late to start with IBASIC will help you to cover maximum subjects in minimum time. Also each and every point you take from IBASIC can put you much ahead of your competitors.

MCQs help you to assess yourself on your study. Some MCQs may get repeated in exams and some similar MCQs may be found in exams.

Each volume weighs around 900 gms.

Yes. Mostly chapter headings from textbooks are used.

Chapters with page numbers are given in the contents section in all volumes for quick reference.

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