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About Us

The Healing Force of Homeopathy: Empowering Lives with the Indian Homeopathy Medical Association Team

Since its inception in 2004, the Indian Homeopathy Medical Association (IHMA) has been at the forefront of promoting the principles of gentle and permanent cure through homoeopathy. With a unified national platform for homeopaths across India, the IHMA stands in solidarity for curing every suffering human through homoeopathy.
Starting from its birthplace in Kerala, the IHMA has spread its wings across all states of India, conducting various seminars and scientific discussions to promote homoeopathy and erase the myths surrounding it. The first national homeopathic seminar was conducted in Maharashtra in 2005, and since then, the IHMA has organized several national conventions across different states of India.
What sets IHMA apart is its clear objectives and well-organized subsidiaries without cultural, geographical, political, or religious sidelines. The team comprises experienced homeopathic doctors, researchers, educators, and other professionals who work tirelessly to provide quality healthcare to the masses through homoeopathy. They aim to create awareness about the benefits of this alternative form of medicine and strengthen its integration with conventional medicine.
IHMA is more than just an association of homeopathic doctors. It is a community that is united for the cause of homoeopathy and its widespread recognition as the safest medical system. With a team that is passionate about harnessing the healing force of homoeopathy, IHMA is empowering lives and transforming healthcare in India.

Our Mission

The mission of the Indian Homeopathic Medical Association (IHMA) is to promote and advance the science and art of homoeopathy, to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and practice among its members, and to protect the interests of the homeopathic profession in India.

Our Vission

The vision of the IHMA is to establish homoeopathy as an integral part of the healthcare system in India, and to make it accessible to all. The association aims to achieve this by promoting research, education, and training in homoeopathy, and by working closely with other healthcare organizations and government agencies to ensure that homoeopathy is recognized as a safe and effective system of medicine


Worldwide Branches

The IHMA has branches worldwide, committed to promoting homoeopathy and its principles in different parts of the world.


Hospital Formed

The IHMA has formed hospitals that offer homoeopathic treatments and care to patients in need.


Local Partners

The IHMA partners with local organisations and healthcare providers to expand the reach of homoeopathy and promote its principles in different communities.