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Indian Homeopathic Research Center

Catering the need for structured research oriented studies to uplift homeopathy ,the IHRC has come up with unique ventures .

IHMA Fever Guidelines-

The first of its kind in Homoeopathy. An ardent attempt to standardize the fever management scenario . Greatly acclaimed by the Planning board of Govt of Kerala,”Fever Guidelines “ for sure will be a stepping stone towards formulating disease based” Homoeopathic Treatment Protocols”.

Standardization in the Homoeopathic Treatment –

Uniform “Patient Management System” is one step towards bringing close the goal to present a unified face of Homoeopathic Management across the society. Incorporating the specifications of International Standards of Patient Management into Homoeopathy for sure would help to give answers to the sharp critics of the system .

Nano Medicine and Homoeopathy-

Making use the advancements in the world of nano technology and thereby making attempts to quantify the Homoeopathic Medicine is a new area to explore. Spectrometric studies attempted in Mumbai IIT has come up with encouraging signs , by which the scientific world can for sure no more point fingers towards Homoeopathy. IHRC was instrumental in conducting workshops which made homoeopaths aware of the developments.

Epidemic Management-

IHRC has intervened timely to help homoeopaths tackling the various epidemics that has broken out . Epidemics of Cholera, Japanese Encephalitis, Chickun Gunea, Dengue Etc have been dealt prophylactic as well as curative with great success .

Homoeopathic education for Doctors-

IHRC has done workshops all across kerala to publicize “fever Guidelines”. Awareness sessions for the public and homoeopaths has been organized, thereby successfully uplifting the public expectations of homoeopathy in acute fevers .

Future plans.