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Mazhakoott '18

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IHMA has extended its wings of knowledge and experience pan India. We work effortlessly to bring about professionalism and perfection to the aspiring homoeopaths. On such a thought was born the Brainchild of IHMA - SCHOOL OF HOMOEOPATHY. SOH is part and the core of training, moulding and inspiring young homoeopaths to feel proud and efficient through CECPs, MOST and various other programs.

All work and no play takes away the fun from learning. So as a tribute to every individual who whole heartedly contributed  and are continuing to do so, a small get together was  beautifully arranged at the "Challenger One Adventure Club", Athirappilly ,Thrissur On Aug 7and 8, 2018. A good will gesture for the faculties and coordinators of SOH and a training for the budding leaders. The congregate aptly titled SNEHASANGAMAM.

The weather though was turbulent to start with,  gradually mellowed down creating a fantastic nature's canvas to paint the hues of this wonderful Mazhakoott. The two day muster saw a rainbow of activities ranging from indoors to outdoors, pool to hill and from singing to dancing to a game of football. The spectrum of activities brought out the best in everyone. The musical night led by a mucus band witnessed a golden observation- the bond that developed between the seniors and the juniors. They shared not only the dance floor but each others emotions as well.

The members were  a testimony to a heart touching  session of senior members sharing their experiences in IHMA and how IHMA had become a part of their lives. The agonies,disappointments ,happiness and satisfaction they all experienced by being part of this organisation and how it helped them to become better people.

The following day saw the family of Mazhakoott going the nature's way. A trekking into the wild charm of Athirappily,  led by a professional guide.

Mr.Justin Thomas, a renowned soft skill trainer led a session on ‘Interpersonal Communication’.Theprogram was successfully coordinated and managed by the junior members under the guidance of Dr.Shemeer and Dr.Sajeev.

Heartfelt thanks to Dr.Shemeer whose unparalelled enthusiasm fuelled this program.The undaunted cooperation of all including our former general secretary Dr.Shaji N to our juniors Akhil,Rashidetc made Mazhakoott a beaming success.